Reading a book in a public transport, sleeping in a train, I got used to find myself at the destination point in the real world, suddenly, as if I were teleported there
If we live inside a simulation like a computer game or a dream of god, and a lot of scientists are serious about it today, then we may find a way to access the parent reality and just set (or ask to set) new coordinates of any object, including ourselves
Maybe 3D printers will evolve once to create absolutely identical copy of our body instantly, with the smallest particles or waves, preserving all processes (including life) and all information (including mind)
Maybe only our information (mind, soul, whatever) will travel through the network to be downloaded into another body - artificial machine or a natural one from the pool of bodies of other travelers
While all above is mostly a science fiction yet, we can use a widely available technology to experience a rough approximation of the future teleportation today
Imagine you open the app, select any place on the Earth, and the app teleports you there!

Like Google Street View or Google Earth VR but you can interact with real world in real timeā€¦
What would you do?